Super Bowl Bling: The Lombardi Trophy

Now that the biggest college football game of the year is over, wait, was that really a game? Notre Dame literally got their heads handed to them on a silver platter! Final score after 4 quarters of football: Alabama 42 – ND 14. Yea let’s just say it was a game simply because ND wasn’t left scoreless.  In more sad news, my losing Dallas Cowboys fired our defense coach Rob Ryan…speechless doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when I heard the news.

Since my favorite NFL team is out of the Vince Lombardi Trophy hunt and college football is over, there won’t be much football left to enjoy. What else is there to look forward to besides baseball? If you’re a fan of tennis, the Australian Open starts next week, I’m happy. Then there’s college hoops and NBA basketball. If those aren’t your favorite sporting events, you’re probably looking forward to the big one. The Super Bowl.  We’ll get closer to finding out who’ll be playing after this weekends playoff games. Who’s going to be able to hoist the Lombardi on February 3rd?

Ok, I’m probably boring my fashion readers by now, if you’re still here LOL! I do have something for everyone just in case you’re wondering. The Vince Lombardi Trophy (given to the winner of the Super Bowl) is made by Tiffany & Co. believe it or not! So ladies, if you’re not a sports fan, just think of him watching and waiting to see who wins the “Tiffany Trophy” & who’s getting a “Tiffany Ring”!



The Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy by Tiffany
^^Click up there to read the history behind Lombardi & Tiffany^^
USA Today has an interactive page that takes you through the process of the trophy goes through.  From start to finish you can explore how Tiffany & Co. makes the Vince Lombardi trophy.
Super Bowl Champion Ring
Photo via Google 

It pains and angers me so much to see that New York Giants ring posted on here! That’s the ring that the New York Giants won last year. Amazing, right?! Yes those are D-I-A-M-O-N-D-S ladies and gents! Made by Tiffany & Co. Too bad those NY Giants won’t be defending their title, oh yea, that’s correct, they sucked this year too! So that made the pain and anguish feel a little better. I still feel the need to show you a glimpse of what the Dallas Cowboys have won! I’ll be glad when we win more!

Photo via Flickr 
Remember fellas, all those good things come from this little blue box.
Photo via Google image search courtesy of Tiffany & Co.



The next time your girlfriend/wife/significant other says she wants something from Tiffany & Co. remember those are the people who make the Lombardi trophy.  She put up with you watching football all year long, she definitely deserves a little blue box!


  1. miss donna says:

    i had no idea! that trophy is the business…if i must say so myself. and on a totally random sidenote: i wonder how many NFL enthusiasts are aware of this?!

    • Rena says:

      Good point!! I don’t think too many people know the details. We all learn something new everyday!! Thanks so stopping by 🙂

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