Feeling Techie: iPad Mini Vs. Samsung Note II

Technology geeks and fans and lovers unite!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some techie news or a new gadget.  Today just feels like the perfect time to find out what’s coming out or recently been released.  Personally, I’m in the tech market for a new camera and possibly a new phone.  I’d like something that has all of those things in one because I carry enough stuff around with me on a daily basis, adding a bulking camera isn’t really on the list.  Although, if I found the perfect camera that wasn’t as bulky that would allow me to take great pics for you guys to see then I’m jumping on it!!

So, what electronic thingy-ma-bobbit-jiggits are hot in these gadget streets these days?  Well, let’s take a looksie shall we…

iPad mini
Apple has seriously lost their minds!  An iPad mini?  Like, there’s an iPhone and the iPad ..do you really need a mini version?  It’s just odd and it totally reminds me of this SNL skit…hilarious about the iPod invisa which is basically just an obsolete model of a just released iPod! http://www.myvideo.de/watch/417313/IPod_Invisa (that’s a German site, apparently NBC revokes all copies of their programming…um note to NBC execs, give us permission to show your funny sh!t.)   Now, I can see, if you don’t own either of those Apple products, fine…the mini looks perfect for purse toting.  I’m not judging, just saying…owning all three of those together seems a bit well a lot redundant.

However, if you’d like to purchase the iPad mini, it’ll be released mid-November starting out with a price tag of $329 (regular iPad goes for $499 as comparison)

Anywho…the commercial is cute!

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung is really trying to take over the world and I’m ok with that!  This might be the product for me!  It seriously does everything I need it to do.  It’s a tablet, phone, camera and web wave surfer.  Researching products for this post has actually helped me out with choosing my new gadget!  The commercial doesn’t do it any justice (well not for me because I am NOT a Lebron fan or a Miami Heat fan…NBA basketball for those non sports fans.)

This should allow me to just have ONE device to carry with me everyday without having to lug around a backpack AND a purse.  I just hope the software can hold up to the workload I want to use it for and more importantly will this become obsolete if they come up with a better software.

Going for $369 with TMobile after rebates and incentives.

Dangit nabbit man…the agony of making a tech decision…this is definitely harder than buying a pair of shoes!


  1. redd says:

    I think the Galaxy Note II would be an excellent choice to furfill your needs. It packs a powerful processor and is more than capable of handling whatever you throw at it. The software is stellar and the camera is one of the best in the industry.Samsung HAS taken over the world as far as I’m concerned LOL,excellent work!

    • Rena says:

      Thanks for your advice! Def leaning towards the Note or the S3…maybe. You’re good at this type of stuff! Thanks for the compliments 🙂

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