It’s NOT Halloween….yet, But it sure is fall!

You’re thinking…it IS Halloween!  Well, that’s true but what if you’re really not that into Halloween, now you’re wondering what you’re going to do.  You could be like me and just sick of looking at everyone’s pictures of how drunk they were at this costume party over the weekend *cough cough* Instagram.

If you’re in Michigan…we tend to be lucky this time of year because there are sooo many things for us to do in the fall.  Especially if you have kids in your house!  That’s kind of where I’m limited for certain fall activities…I’m rugrat free which I love dearly!  It’s just me and my furry babies.
Anywho,  when I was younger and even occasionally now, we (as in my family or school field trips as a kid) would take trips to the apple orchard and cider mills.  Talking about a 9 out of 10 on the fun-o-meter!  Ok, that was an exaggeration but it is something cool to do that isn’t the normal weekend shopping, pizza party or
A few things to do that aren’t costume related…unless you have one of those kids that like to wear a fireman’s hat or a princess tutu everyday.  I see those kids quite often…I’m positive I’ll have one that likes to wear rain boots in the middle of July.  Haha, I’m rambling!
Here’s the list:
Wiards Orchard
Ypsilanti, MI
Hayrides, Cider, Donuts, Night Terror Hayrides, Apple & Pumpkin Picking
Fall Color Tours
Check for your area
Tour the wonderful colors around the Great Lakes
Haunted Theatre
10/30 & 10/31 8-9pm
Detroit, MI
Dexter Cider Mill
Apple picking, Donuts, Cider
Those are just a few things to do this week!  I’ll keep everyone posted of anything that screams excitement in 40 degree weather lol! Enjoy!

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