Curvy Costumes: A Plus Size Halloween

October has another thing going for it… Halloween

I haven’t really participated in Halloween since I worked at a daycare center during undergrad!  Dressing up and having fun with little kiddos in their cute costumes…fun times.  The most I’ve done recently was pass out candy with cat ears on.  I kinda want to dress up this year and maybe go out to party…maybe.  It’s fun being a kid again and Halloween is the perfect time for that unless you’re the Scrooge of pumpkins or something.

I know being curvy has been quite the problem for some ladies when looking for a costume but luckily for us…times have changed!  Plenty of brands, stores and sites offer “plus-size” options for Halloween costumes and guess what?  They aren’t frumpy, dumpy costumes either!!

Saving you a tiny bit of trouble (if you’re going out to have fun this Halloween) I’ve compiled a few sites and stores that have some great costume options!

plus size sailor costume
Domino Dollhouse (same site just not Halloween but can be!)
Party City (in-store & online)
plus size cop costume
plus size beer costume
plus size costume
flapper costume

All the sites above also feature non-sexy costumes (except for maybe FOH) in case you don’t want to have certain areas exposed.  Just be sure to order now so you can have your costume by October 31st!


Gotta have fun some time in life…otherwise things get too serious and before you know it…it’s passed you by.  So go ahead and dress up like a sexy dinosaur or a cop without any real clothes on lol it’s ok, it’s Halloween!


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