Colors of the Season: Plus Size Fall Fashion with a little Fall Photography

Apparently, it’s fall but I’m not completely sure “fall” got that memo!  Yesterday it was over 77 degrees and humid (believe me, my hair officially hates me now) and today the high is supposed to be 50!  I think the weather Gods are on vacation. Have I told you guys I live in Michigan?  I should be wrapping a scarf around my neck by now.  Once I get out sweaters, I’m ready to put them on…not so fast says mother nature.
Speaking of weather…hoping all my southern and east coast sweets in the states are safe with the “Frankenstorm” coming and all.
This is what “fall” looks like here…bright, colorful and full of…leaves.
I took these pictures while driving in Canton, Michigan and it definitely looks as though the fall season is in full bloom
(I was the passenger this day…safety first!)
The colors of the season are amazing!
Absolutely inspiring to be exact.
Wonder what colors I can find in stores…definitely need some gold, deep reds and maybe emerald.  Fall essentials in 2012!
Shopaholics rejoice!
1. Splendid Mixed Media Top $98 Nordstrom
2. Studded Snakeskin Print Blouse $39.50  Ashley Stewart
3. Sejour Corduroy Jacket $88 Nordstrom
4. Seven7 Baroque Jeans $99.95  Lane Bryant
5. Ingenue Paisley Print Dress $89.99  Saint Bustier
6. Michael Kors Zip Campshirt $94.50   Nordstrom
1. Skinny Jeans $59.95  Lane Bryant
2. Ribbed Sweater  $19.50  Ashley Stewart
3. Mynt Faux Leather Moto Jacket $188 Nordstrom
4. Ralph Lauren Polo $65 Nordstrom
5. Kenneth Cole Faux Wrap Top $89.50 Nordstrom
Pants $99.50 Nordstrom
6. Michael Kors Zip Campshirt $94.5  Nordstrom
1. Baby Phat Sweater Dress $59 Macy’s
2. American Rag Double Breasted Jacket $69  Macy’s
3. ING Colorblocked Shirt $39.99 Macy’s
4. DKNY Python Jeggings $89 Lane Bryant
5. Mynt Faux Leather Moto Jacket $188 Nordstrom
6. Pink Rose Striped Sweater Tunic $50.99 Macy’s
Pretty amazing  colors, right?! If I had shopping money this month, I’d have an armful of bags right about now!  If you can get out and shop…have fun for me!
xo Rena


  1. Anonymous says:

    Girlie! Your photos of clothes don’t have tiny, skinny models. Bless you! 🙂 It’s me, Jen, just posting anonymously, but not really . . .

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