Daykoor: Interior Design for your Home Office

By now, you should really know I have quite the obssession with chairs.  In case you’re new here…my fascination with chairs is an odd one and I’m sorry in advance.  Well, not really sorry because you’ll get to see all the wonderful chairs that will bring happiness and joy to your home.  That was a tad dramatic.  Moving on….chaaaaaairs!

These swivel babies were a Pinterest find!  Can you believe it?! Me either!
Brought to us by PB Teen aka Pottery Barn

Now, I’m perfectly aware that it’s for a teens room but Pottery Barn NEEDS to make some magic happen!  Wouldn’t one of these look chic for us regular adult people of the desk sitting world?!  If I were designing an office for someone…those chairs would definitely be a main part of the design.

In case you’re like me and like pink or something “wild”…
go for the zebra print which slightly higher at $369
And if you aren’t looking for a chair that swivels
Check out the Ooh La La arm chair
So…what do you think?