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30 Days of Shoes for September: Day 1

September is readers choice month!


Not exactly sure if that’s a real thing but it’s definitely something I created for all of you wonderful readers aka my “stylish sweets!” Last month, I posted a poll question for my Facebook fans and Instagram followers. Wanting to hear from you guys, the question was…


Would you rather see?

A) 30 days of heels

B) 30 days of any shoes

C) 30 days of bags

D) something else


So, you have spoken, well, some of you and it’s been decided that it’s a tie! We’re all shopaholics and lovers of fashion, a tie is only fitting! The winning votes were for B) 30 days of shoes and D) 30 days of shoes under a certain price…that’s almost the same thing and it’s absolutely fabulous!



Here are the first pair of shoes…






Have you guessed the 30 day theme? It was hard, trust me!

The task was putting these 30 days on a budget. Easier said than done. My first idea was anything under $50 but then I realized, we could possibly miss out on tons of cute shoes. The next thought was $75 but what about those designers that price shoes at $89 or $99?! What about the $149 pair that could be on sale this week? See, it gets tricky!


30 Days of Shoes Under $100 = problem solved!


Can’t wait to see the next 28 days!


Happy Shopping!



Lustful Looks

Hey there stylish sweets! Welcome to another mid-week in August, we won’t be able to say that pretty soon! As September approaches, the weather cools down, trees lose their leaves, and we start reaching for layers. For fall, I’ll continue to do shopping posts which feature items that are affordable and those that are, um, shall we say…not too affordable for us everyday chicks! Also, drum roll please… New York Fashion Week is coming up in September as well. Definitely excited for that but between those runway posts, I’m thinking of doing an everyday post just for the month of September. Currently trying to decide between “30 Days, 30 Heels” or just “30 Days, 30 Shoes”…what do you guys think?

Anywho, now that I have you all caught up…let’s look at a few things I’m lusting over right now! Some of these are far out of my reach but that won’t stop me from drooling over them from time to time. See what’s on my mind and what needs to be in my closet, after the jump! (click “read more” below)

(1.) $995 ~  Charlotte Olympia ~ Pandora Pisces Clutch


(2.) $1,270 ~ Roberto Cavalli ~ Baroque Cap Sleeve Dress


(3.) $750 ~ Eddie Borgo ~ Alternating Pave Cone Bracelet
(4.) $1,150 ~ Tom Ford ~ Padlock Ankle-Wrap Suede Pump


(5.) (contact Chanel for prices) ~ Bows, Gunmetal & Pearls Jewelry Set


(6.) $750 ~ Lanvin ~ Beetle Print High Top Sneaker


(7.) $4,250 ~ Jason Wu ~ Pleated T-Back Combo Dress


(8.) $425 ~ Prada ~ Daino Pleated Wristlet Clutch


(9.) $1,495 ~ J Brand ~ Ready to Wear Connix Cropped Jacket

Ok, so you see the price tags…I’ll just enjoy lusting from a distance this time around. Although, every single piece would look very good in my wardrobe! ‘Twas fun dreaming, don’t you think?! What’s something you’re drooling over this month?

Friday Fashion Faves: Designer Edition

It’s the weekend, time to to get your sleep in! That is literally ALL I want to do…sleep! We all know that’s not going to happen. Stopping by the post office to ship the fabulous Julep Maven prize, Iron Man 3 and shopping is on my agenda for the weekend. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. Speaking of shopping, I’ve been eyeing a certain pair of Kors sneakers lately.


THIS pair of Michael Kors sneakers to be exact. Priced at $195 on MichaelKors






It’s rare that I’ll get shoes from anywhere other than DSW because they have ev-e-ry-thing and it’s priced way way below suggested retail pricing. But this pair of sneaks need to be in my closet as soon as possible…they’ll go with practically anything and last through the seasons. While I was surfing the MK site, I noticed tons of other things and you know he does curvy sizes too!


Here are all of my current favorites from Michael Kors…ENJOY!



(remember to find more info on the items below…simply click the pic)





Well, that was fun. That won’t help my shopping addiction AT ALL.


Stepping Into Spring with Stylish Shoes

It’s been a while since I’ve went shoe shopping…by a while I mean a couple months. So yes, this is what I’d call a “drought” and I am upset about it! The best thing to do in this scenario: look at the new arrivals from the spring and summer lines that are going up on store shelves. Plus this will give me (and you) a pretty good idea of what we need covering our toesies in the coming weeks.


I’m a true girly girl with a sports edge so my shoe collection ranges from extreme heels to low skateboard type sneakers. Try to stay versatile with your shoe game because you never know when a certain pair will come in handy. If you want to try something new and different from your normal shoe-style, stick with the least expensive stores and brands. It’s not really a good idea to spend $250 on 2-inch hidden platform, 5-inch heels if you’ve never worn a pair before.


So, here’s where the fun part comes in! As I do with all shopping posts, there will be a dreamy high price shoe and “the look for less” shoe! Let’s get shoe shopping…

Stepping Into Spring

Stepping Into Spring by curvesandcoffee featuring strappy sandals


(arranged by rows)


1. India Wedge ~ Coach    ——   Queen T-Strap ~ Brash/Payless


2.  Miles Floral Print ~ Tory Burch    ——    Keds ~ Kate Spade


3. McQ Abstract Floral ~ Alexander McQueen      ——   Delphine Flat ~ Coach

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1 by curvesandcoffee featuring high heels wedges


(arranged by rows)


1. Dabney Wedges ~ Kate Spade     ——     Color Garden ~ Naughty Monkey


2. Serrano ~ Carlos Santana    ——  Konstellation Strappy Wedge ~ Brash/Payless


Stepping Into Spring ~ 2

Stepping Into Spring ~ 2 by curvesandcoffee featuring peep toe pumps


(Arranged by rows)


1. Licorice Heel ~ Kate Spade    ——    Kit Bow Pump ~ Payless


2. Larimore Cherry Blossom ~ Alice + Olivia    ——   Floral Pump ~ Diba Ryder


3. BB Floral Silk Print ~ Manolo Blahnik     ——    Arbour Pump ~ Carvel Kurt Geiger





Well, that was fun! It was like window shopping without all the extra walking! Hope you saw something that will fit your spring closet and wardrobe. Remember to mix it up a little!

Happy Shopping!


xo Rena

Plus Size Trend Alert: Florals & Stripes

What’s trending in the world of fashion these days? Fashion is a fickle fickle world and what’s popular today may not be popular next month. No worries my curvy sweets, if it’s in style…you can wear it! Fashion trends are all about confidence. Don’t be scurred to wear a bright color or a horizontal stripe, be ready to be bold! We have these curves to be different…say it loud…I’m curvy and I’m proud!


(Reminder: clicking the collages take you to Polyvore, then see where to buy each item!)


Spring Florals


Spring Florals by curvesandcoffee featuring red valentino







Spring Stripes


Spring Stripes by curvesandcoffee featuring a bodycon dress

While it may not feel like spring OR summer just yet, I stuck with styles that can be worn today with added warm coverage if you need it. Stay tuned for more style trends that are ready to be worn!