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Trick Or Treat

Sometimes I absolutely love Halloween and other times, I’m simply annoyed with the thought of dressing up. Luckily, 2013 was one of the years I wanted to utilize my creative juices! The theme of this years “spooktacular” was 1950. Now you see why the excitement hovered over me!! The 50’s are a great time period to emulate because there were so many different and styles…from extravagant to pin up or greaser to a Marine. I already had an idea in mind and couldn’t wait to see it come to life!







black and white


black and white by curvesandcoffee featuring Merona






I kind of went a little crazy with the Halloween extras they added to Pixlr….it was fun!


Fall Foliage

Dear LUCY,
Would you mind, GETTING IN MY CLOSET?!
Please and thank you,


Meet one of fall’s chic and sleek bag from Botkier is called Lucy.  It’s available for $395 which is pretty amazing! Imagine this paired with skinny jeans and a nice big sweater on your way to Starbucks to get my favorite of the season…Salted Caramel Mocha!


Better yet, let me just show you with this magical outfit designer web thingy called Polyvore.  I mentioned it in Tuesday’s Morning Linkage.

Coffee Run

Keurig K-Cup Portion Pack Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Coffee – (Google Affiliate Ad)

Botkier Lucy bag, skinny jeans, comfy wedge Toms, oversized tee and sweater…fish tail a side pony/braid, slap on a cute pair of dark sunnies and Nars lip gloss…VOILA!  Perfect outfit for running around town and grabbing that perfect cup of coffee and maybe running in Target lol!  This is pretty much my staple and go-to pieces before the weather turns to frigid degrees here in Michigan.  Everything you see in the pic is available for curvy girls so don’t be shy…go buy!!

Friday Fashion Faves: Falling On A Friday

Is it really nearing the end of August or am I just imagining the date on my screen reads 8/24/2012?  I’m not sure about you girls and guys but it really does feel like it was just July 4th!!  Seriously, I distinctly remember craving BBQ and wanting to light sparklers with the night sky in the background.  Furthermore, it’s still hot as the deep south up here!  Getting reeeeally tired of burning my arm on the car door here peeps.

As I type, I’m looking at The Weather Channel… The high for today will be 89*…yes, you read that right…EIGHTY-NINE degrees.  I was hoping that maybe…just maybe, I could get away with wearing rolled up jeans and wedges this weekend.  We’re going to throw that thought all the way out of the window!

So, since I’ll be breaking a sweat walking to the car while fumbling for my keys and shielding my eyes from the glaring sun…I can only dream of wearing some of falls favorite pieces. Let’s take a walk through some of my favorite fall pieces…as of right now (because we all know, I’ll want 100 different things tomorrow!)

Affordable Fall Faves

1. Ankle Boot $99 Zara

2. Sweater-Love Your Style $16 Kmart

3. Off the shoulder/hip length purple sweater $44.50 Torrid/OSP

4. Wedge Bootie-Route 66 $19   Kmart

5. Faux leather jacket $35.99   Kmart

6. Bronze jeans $39.50 Ashley Stewart

Fall Budget Busters (but so TOTALLY worth it!)

1. Shearling Boot- Rachel Zoe $ 525 Neiman Marcus

2. Rabbit Fur Vest- Michael Kors $435 Neiman Marcus

3. Leopard Jeans- Lucky Brand  $129 Nordstrom

4. Zip Leather Jacket- Michael Kors $545 Neiman Marcus

5. Quilted Boot- Manolo Blahnik $1,495 Neiman Marcus

6. Long sleeve maxi dress- Rachel Pally $290 Nordstrom

Get to shopping!  Feel free to wear these now in not-so-pre-fall-temps (maybe your weather will allow it) or just save the thought for later.  Either way…enjoy your sunny/rainy/hot/cold weekend!!