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Movie Night: Love on the Run

There’s a new movie available on Apple iTunes, Amazon and VOD this week that you should definitely check out. From Tricoast, Love on the Run stars (yes, STARS) ¬†plus size actress by the name of Jen Ponton.


I was able to view the movie and it was cool to see a “love story” with a plus size woman in the lead. Now, I won’t give away all the details…you’re gonna have to watch it for yourself BUT there’s definitely a few twists and turns in the plot.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more curves in Hollywood?! Jen definitely thinks so. Can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

Learn more on the official Facebook page here –> Love on the Run

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As a cause I always hold so close and dear to my heart since my Grandmother was diagnosed and fought for over 20 years, I urge all those that are able to help…please do so.

You can help by shopping, donating, spreading the word, volunteering, and even getting the proper tests or exams for yourself.

I’ve compiled a list of very import sites that are helping to kick breast cancer in the ass! Included in the list below are several stores that will donate a percentage of their sales from their special Breast Cancer Awareness Month items directly to specific organizations.

( ūüôā this post is in all pink of course so be sure to click links that are BOLD ūüôā¬†)



¬†Torrid¬†will donate 15% of marked items purchased from their “Breast Cancer Awareness Collection” to National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.



Lane Bryant will donate 10% of items purchased from their “Cause Collection” to the American Cancer Society.


And of course there are other ways to help raise awareness including donating directly to non-profit breast cancer awareness and research foundations, as well as the American Cancer Society. This also ensures your money goes directly to the foundations that need it most. Listed below are the Avon Foundation (Breast Cancer Crusade, Susan G. Komen and Karmanos Institute here in Michigan.



Avon Foundation for Women: Breast Cancer Crusade


01komenbcaSusan G. Komen



American Cancer Society: Fighting Breast Cancer



Karmanos Cancer Institute



In related information, be sure when you are purchasing PINK items, those PINK items and company are actually giving a percentage of that sale to a reputable cancer research or awareness organization. Don’t just buy PINK without knowing you’re giving your hard earned money to a cause.

For more information on donating/spending head over to Think Before You Pink,¬†an organization fighting and giving important tidbits about companies who don’t donate a percentage at all or those companies who sell cancer causing products.

FYI: you’re going to learn A LOT!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2014

merry christmas and happy holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


I’m still recovering from surgery but that didn’t stop my Christmas cheer or my obsession with the holiday add-ons from Pixlr!!





Everything should be back to normal once the new year comes around….fingers crossed! Til then, be safe and enjoy these festive times. If you need me for hugs….I’m always available!

Let’s Play Catch Up! Blog Update

It’s November!

I know — I know…I’ve been M.I.A. lately and please accept my deepest apologies.


Here’s an update…

Halloween and the costume that never was…after searching EVERYWHERE in my area for supplies, no craft store had what I needed. The closest I came to having a bedazzled “Egyptian” style collar was placing an order online, only to have the store tell me that they were out of stock. That’s when I realized, it wasn’t going to happen because if there was another order from anywhere else, the items wouldn’t get to me in time.

Insert sinus infection right about………….NOW!

Two weeks feeling absolutely miserable with the sinus infection from hell! This thing was unshakeable! Once it started, my Asthma knocked on the door suffocating my entire existence! I really just wanted to call it quits you guys but I didn’t (woohoo!)


Just as everything started to clear up, MomO (my mom) needed me to take care of her and a few things around the house for a week and a half. Which meant endless driving among other things that left me with ZERO energy to do anything once I got home each day.

So, here we are, well into November, dodging snowflakes and ice patches…just trying to make it to Thanksgiving without any incidents.

Life sure can throw a mean curve-ball!

Cleaning Out The Curves And Coffee Closet

If you’ve visited in the last week or so, you’ll notice something different…….

I MOVED! Yay! (hopefully I’ll be physically moving to a new place soon as well!)

So, Curves And Coffee has made the leap to totally renovate, clean out, and pretty up the place. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be a few more changes but nothing major *fingers crossed*…I’m still moving boxes (posts) to the new digs so it could be just a couple broken links…if you happen to come across one, just email-tweet-Facebook me and I’ll be sure to get right on it!¬†I didn’t want to leave you guys with the “under construction” sign so this is why we’re going live!

H U G E thanks to Georgia over at Godaddy for helping me through this process! ¬†so she’s been a big help!

Pardon the dust and stay tuned for more of what you love!



Morning Linkage: Cup 33

Good morning stylish sweets, here’s your news and bits for your morning coffee!

 photo cofmug5.png
Procrastination Mug

The Dark Side of Modeling: What I learned as a Plus Size Model ~ {Huffington Post}

Remember to check out one of my Lucky Mag contributing post and vote. If enough votes are calculated, yours truly will win a spa gift card. Hellooooo full-body massage! ~ {#AllNaturalStyleSecrets}

Career advice from the creators of BluePrint Cleanse ~ Glamour

Pics of muscle cars and feel good stories of Metro Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise ~¬†{Detroit Free Press}


It’s My Blogiversary!

Welcome to Friday stylish sweets and welcome to the newly redesigned Curves And Coffee!

Thank you guys for being patient this week and this entire year!

Can you believe it’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I first started C & C?! Crazy right? As a personal blogger for 10 years, I never thought I’d be blogging to the whole world…well, now we’re here! Hopefully you love the update and continue this journey with me.



Curves And Coffee Redesign

UPDATE: 8/1/2013 almost done…things are looking spiffy already!

Shouldn’t take long stylish sweets and there shouldn’t be much dust!


CurvesAndCoffee.com is just getting a little nip & tuck for its’ 1 year blogiversary!


Morning Linkage: Cup 32

Cat Surprise Mug ~ Pier 1

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all of you great dads out there enjoyed your Father’s Day!

I know I’ve been a tad lackadaisical with posting lately and here’s my apology…truly sorry. Between ¬†working on and looking for writing gigs to support my shopping habit, my gusto for purging creative content has fallen off. Don’t fret friends! For I’m getting back into the swing of things, you guys are my motivation!

Alrighty, enough excuses…grab your coffee and bagel…here’s your morning linkage!

Kim Kardashian delivered a baby girl just in time for Kanye West to have his first Father’s Day! ~¬†E! Online

Plus size clothing is JUST now hitting some retailers. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner because damnite I want a pair of distressed cut-off denim shorts) designers will get the point. Laura Beck dishes about the difficult task of finding “cute shit” in her article “We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Fucking Want Them Yesterday”! ~¬†Jezebel

Miss Utah Marissa Powell USA…where no one knows your name until you try to answer a question in front of millions. Guess we gotta get on that education problem, huh?! ~¬†Huffington Post Style

Jay-Z announced to the world that his new album will be released on July 4th (with a three minute commercial) during the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is the title and it’ll be available to Samsung users FIRST! ~¬†Samsung & Jay-Z

Check out the commercial

Morning Linkage: Cup 31


The Prescription: Coffee! 

Good Saturday morning stylish sweets!

I’d much rather be back in bed snuggled under the covers, freezing because I don’t want to get up and turn the air condition off. Since we’re awake, might as well get this Saturday party started right…with coffee!

I’m seriously thinking about purchasing a Keurig. I’ve tinkered with the idea but now it’s time to take the leap to the techie side of java (see what I did there?)

Anywho, since I was unable to post linkage earlier this week ie Monday like I hoped…I’m giving you guys a dose of link fun on a Saturday!

Here’s your morning linkage. . .

Did you enjoy the high couture fashion of the Met Gala earlier this week? I sure did. Seeing all the celebs on the red carpet made me think of other big red carpet moments. ELLE clearly had the same idea! ~ Best Red Carpet Dresses

Love, love, love reading beauty blogs! Learning a new make-up technique or finding a new product will never get old to me! Check out Zoe РLianne Blog, a fellow blogger from the UK! I may need to move there just so I can shop! ~ Zoe РLianne Blog

I sent out the call (tweeted) for my fellow bloggers to send me their links and you guys answered right away! Reading other plus size blogs is always fun. Love seeing¬†everyone’s¬†personal style and take on fashion. So this stylish blog to check out is “Call Me Kim” by Kim of course! ~¬†Call Me Kim

Mainstream is finally starting to catch on to women with curves…just a little. The retail giant H & M featured plus size model Jennie Runk on the front page of their website this past week. ~¬†Huffingtonpost Women

Speaking of plus sizes and retail, the CEO at Abercrombie & Fitch just became a bigger douche than he was before! And when did an XL become plus size?! *sigh*  ~ Perez Hilton

Rudeness just went haywire this week! One “sports blogger” (I use that term VERY loosely) from CBS, recently called a cheerleader from the NBA team OKC “chunky.” The Oklahoma City cheerleader Kelsey Williams fired back with a¬†vengeance! ~¬†ABC News¬†(video)

On a much more positive note, FELLAS….you know how you have Casual Male XL…well now Destination XL has expanded….plus size men aka the “big and tall” The company launched a media campaign this week! ¬†~¬†NY Times

‘Tis all for now stylish sweets! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy!