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Tune In: Music Mix

Hey stylish sweets! Since I had some technical difficulties this week aka my power adapter cord for my laptop completely fizzled out while typing! Talk about a disaster! Luckily, I was able to give you guys a taste of the Met Gala via mobile blogging. It’s amazing how technology can fail and create all at the same damn time! Speaking of technology, Curves and Coffee will undergo an overhaul in the coming weeks. Definitely time for a fresh new look so stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated.

Anywho, time to turn up your Thursday!

Drop City Yacht Club…ok, gotta admit….I never heard this song or heard of the group until someone told me to listen to it a few weeks ago. Now I can’t get the song out of my head!!! Hey Jeremih!

Um Selena Gomez dun growed up on us, y’all!! And is she telling someone to “Come and Get It”?! Ok Ms. Gomez, do your thing!

Instant Classic. You really can’t go wrong with any song that features 50 Cent, Eminem AND Adam Levine!!!

Everyone knows I’m a very colorful and visual person so when I got wind that Iggy Azalea was making a new video with India in mind……I couldn’t wait to see the finished product! Bounce really does make you wanna bounce and do traditional Indian dances. This vid has a total Bollywood theme and I love it!

Enjoy your day and happy almost Friday!!


Petal Pusher

Hey stylish sweets! Just stopping to smell the roses and to say I’m still pushing through the week. This busy busy family week is taking me away from the in-depth Curves & Coffee posts BUT I’m still posting on Twitter & Facebook. Everything should be back to normal Monday.

xxoo Rena

Birthday Wish List

It’s almost that time of year! That’s right, my birthday! Next Monday, March 4th yours truly will be one year older. People close to me have been asking what I’d like for my birthday. Well, that’s tough question to answer for ANY fashionista-shopaholic with expensive taste! My usual answer is “Show Me The Money!” Just kidding of course! I’ve been wanting to make a Jerry Maguire reference all week! Anywho, money is the easiest gift to give because it allows me or you to go out and purchase exactly what you want. The gift giver won’t have to worry about if they picked the right item, color or even forgetting the gift receipt!

Money is the ultimate gift to get me or anyone else that could be hard to shop for. Totally don’t think I’m hard to shop for, seriously, you can’t go wrong with shoes or a handbag *hint hint*. Some gift givers don’t like giving money, they’d rather give something more personable. Which is absolutely great and fine with me too! That brings us to this post! For the people who need to know what to get me or someone with the same taste as me, here’s my birthday wishlist!

Madison Gathered Leather Lindsey Satchel
Hot Pink

Bottega Veneta
Intrecciato Leather Knot Bracelet


Butter London
Bright On Trio

Size 8/8.5/9
Size 8/8.5
There you have it! Those are the things that are on my mind and my birthday wishlist! Not too shabby, right? I’m in love with these things and I’m sure any girl would love to have them. Happy Birthday to me…almost (March 4th) Feel free to go ahead and have a looksie at my contact page for my info. I kid, I kid! Unless you’re gonna do it ūüėČ

Hump Day Haircut

Good afternoon stylish sweets!!

Hope your holiday/turkey day/rest day/whatever you had the previous week!  Mine was absolutely delightful!  I was able to get a haircut (if you follow me on Twitter, you saw the hair falling pics), enjoyed and cried at the Detroit Lions football game during that awful call and horrendous overtime loss.  Oh and I can’t forget the yummy food we cooked and stuffed our faces with…pretty sure I gained about 16 pounds during this one week LOL!  Back to the diet drawing board.

Anywho, while I was away from blogging this week, I managed to do a little bit of shopping (not a lot like I wanted to because a girl has bills and a vacation to save for!) and NO, I did NOT participate in Black Friday.  Normally, my mother and I go out in the madness just to be in the spirit but this year we decided waaaay before that Friday we weren’t gonna go out in the craziness.  Thank goodness for that because it seems as though Black Friday is losing its’ luster of holiday spirit and becoming more about people fighting over televisions and Barbies.

I know I’m probably sounding like an old lady who yells “Hey you kids, get off my lawn!” haha I promise I’m still young.  Just want to be able to enjoy the holiday season and shop like it should be done…safely.

OK, I know you’re dying to see my new haircut so here it is…(plus a little bit of filter because I was a tad shiny and sleep deprived on Thanksgiving game day… don’t shame me)
Yes, I have bangs!! And a two-inch trim off the bottom!  Scary day guys, scary day but I made it through the hair shears snipping in my ear…whew!

Paws Up!

Aww look at mamas baby! ¬†That there is the love of my life… Chipper Jones. ¬†Yes, I love my Atlanta Braves and Larry Wayne Jones so much I named my dog after him! ¬†Call me crazy or just a fan but you know you can’t resist that face! ¬†Besides that loveable beagle face, those were my “credentials” and name tag…

Around this time last Saturday, I had the¬†privilege¬†of volunteering my time to helping shelter animals. ¬†I am a true pet lover indeed! ¬†As mentioned in “Around Town” the 5th Annual Paws in the Park is an one day event to raise money for Michigan’s shelter animals. ¬†Gotta say, ¬†had a total blast! ¬†Can’t wait for next years event!

Here are a couple of pics I managed to snag while dogs strutted their stuff on the catwalk for the costume contest:

If there was one thing I could complain about, it would be my lack of photos from the event! ¬†As someone that was helping, I wasn’t able to snap as many pics as I would’ve liked. ¬†Assigned to the games, contests and prizes area, I became a judge for the many events for dogs and their owners. ¬†Now, I love my dog and cat buuuuut you won’t see me dancing and dressing them up (in public) someone could see me haha! ¬†Anywho, these animal lovers did just the opposite!
Volunteering is one of lifes greatest joys (next to shopping and maybe sex lol) but if you are able and have the time, do it! ¬†Find places in your area and give some time. ¬†Some places may not advertise they need help but the chances of them turning you away are pretty slim. ¬†If it really isn’t your “thing” try searching for something you like doing and go from there. ¬†Truly warms your heart and helps that whole karma cosmic cosmos thing ūüôā


Leap of Faith

Just want to start off by saying….. THANK YOU!

I never really thought I’d be back blogging again especially having a fashion blog with a dot com address!!  Friends and family were all pushing for me to do it and after many nights of contemplation I took the leap of faith and just did it.  So happy that I did!

It’s only been 14 days since the site has been live but it feels like a lifetime with all the support you guys have given me.  I’m sure there’ll be extraordinary days of bliss, a couple plateaus and maybe even some down days (hopefully not lol) but that’s all a part of starting something new.  Just gotta keep pushing and stay positive.

So, to continue on this positive path, I decided to take another leap of faith and make a Twitter account for Curves and Coffee!!!!  Amazing, right?!  Mostly out of respect for my friends on my personal account, I don’t want to fill timelines ALL DAY with links to my blog posts….maybe just once a day for you guys!

To all my friends, family and the wonderful strangers that make me smile behind this keyboard everyday…. THANK YOU!

Now go to Twitter and follow Curves and Coffee.…enough of the mushy stuff you little sap trees!!!


Kisses & Love