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Morning Linkage: Cup 20

Good morning stylish sweets!!

Yeeeea ummm about the lack of posts this week……things have been hectic!  I’ve had meetings and appointments almost everyday!  The most important one took place on Thursday, lunch and shopping with my Mom aka MomO!  I’m her only child and she’s my only mom so we just have to take advantage of these days. Speaking of days, it’s November HELLO!  Where is 2012?!  Can I get a couple months back just relive a few moments?  Loving the fall temps but definitely not looking forward to the winter and its’ single digits.

While I’m thinking of weather…hope all my east coast readers and followers are doing ok. I checked on a few that are on twitter…Sandy really did a number to the coast!  I’m in Michigan and we even got a piece of what she had to offer: 30mph, 50mph and 75mph winds!  YES!  Living on the top floor of a building didn’t make it any more fun.  But my thoughts and warm heart definitely goes out you guys that were in the direct line of the hurricane.

Wasn’t too sure about what to post after typing all of that…you guys know I ramble lol so I’ll just give you your morning links for your coffee! 😉

News & Entertainment:

Helping Those In Need! ~ Red Cross

Country Music Awards Happened Last Night! ~ CMT

A Beard and a Little Leather looks GOOD on Edward OOPS! I meant Robert Pattinson! ~ Vogue Italia

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, check out what he and Kristen Stewart wore for Halloween! ~ E! Online

UGG’s Yes, UGG Australia…may be Having Some Money Trouble! ~ Huffington Post

Bloggers Edition:

How To Pump Up Your Kicks! ~ Sweet Peaz Corner

Spotted…I Heart Heels Blogger in Printed Jeans (looove)! ~ I Heart Heels

Inside a Bloggers Apartment! ~ Chiffon Soufle

Style Bonus:

Hot Topic is Selling What Now? BTW…I’m kinda liking it! ~ YouTube

Designer Rachel Roy Is Seriously My Fave IG’er EVER! ~ RR’s Twitter (which links to her Instagram…love love)

Best Dressed…Well You Can Vote! ~ Vogue

Ok, that’s all for now my stylish fashionistas and my fave guys!  Hope you have a delightful morning and I’ll try my bestest to catch a break and return with something special over the weekend!

OH…before I go…


Morning Linkage: Cup 19

Welcome to Friday, stylish sweets!!

This week felt like it went by fast!  Like super fast!  I’m gauging this on the fact that I have entirely too much to do next week and it all begins in just a couple days.  Not looking forward to that at all!  This may be sort of a heads up (next week posts could be few and far between…sorry in advance) Don’t fret…trust me, I love doing this so nothing will really keep me away.

Think I’m starting to ramble…yea, definitely rambling!  Here’s your morning scoops of linkage!

Joe Simpson, yes Jessica and Ashley Simpson’s dad…he’s gay?! ~ Radar Online

Eva Longoria is, um, single…again! ~ TMZ

Donald Trump must be bored! ~ NY Daily News

Christina Aquilera was offered to be a plus-size what?! ~ Huffington Post

Taylor Swift and the Kennedy boy are splitsville! ~ ABC News

Kim Kardashian is rocking a huge rock! ~ E! Online

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!  Remember if you’d like to be included in the Morning Linkage posts, just let me know (here at or by email or on Twitter or Facebook!) I’d love to feature more blogs, personal sites of any topic.

Have fun!
xo Rena

Morning Linkage: Cup 18

Old news: Maria Sharapova is no longer engaged to NBA star! ~ E! Online

First photo from Justin & Jessica Timberlake! ~ People

MMM + HM = Happy Marriage! ~ Cosmopolitan

Speaking of Maison… Yeezy taught me! ~ Lucky

Lisa Ling is having a baby girl! ~ Huffington Post

Bobby Brown was arrested…again! ~ TMZ

I am looooving this Tumblr! ~ Suri’s Burn Book

Nina Garcia and JC Penney might just have something! ~ @ninagarcia

Please. Take a look at this beauty! jcpenney: Duro Olowu – coming in spring 2013! #duroforjcp
— Nina Garcia (@ninagarcia) October 24, 2012


Morning Linkage: Cup 17

Good Tuesday morning stylish sweets!
Morning Linkage is all about ME!
Well, US.
We can all get together and be friends (or “like” each other)
YES!  That’s right!
I made a Facebook page!

Artwork by cafeauladies
Two wonderful artists who design artwork based on menu items at Starbucks!
I’m still waiting for my “order” to be ready but in the meantime…check out their Tumblr page by clicking the link above!
Hope you have a good day!
Gotta grab my coffee to-go!!
xo Rena

Morning Linkage: Cup 16


I’m sure that’s what everyone is thinking!  Not me…I have more stuff to do today than on Thursday!

While you sip your espresso… Let’s see what’s happening in the world…

The Detroit Tigers swept the Yankees and are going to the World Series! ~ Detroit News

Victoria’s Secret is in photoshop hell! ~ Yahoo

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel will be wed this weekend in Italy (swoon)! ~ People

Martha Stewart doesn’t like “red bottoms” so she paints them! ~ Today

Adopt-A-Shelter Dog is also happening in October awww! ~ PetFinder

Christina Aguilera “got tired of being a skinny white girl” and I’m kinda ok with that! ~ NY Daily News

Enjoy your weekend!

Morning Linkage: Cup 15

It’s Thursday!!

Lance Armstrong & Nike are officially divorced! ~ NY Times

Apparently, we get earthquakes on the east coast now! ~ The Boston Globe

General Mills is really gonna mess with my fave cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) ~ Huffington Post via Reuters

Curvy model Robyn Lawley, speaks up about modeling! ~ Style Huffpo

Speaking of models…ANTM will have MEN next season, hello! ~ Entertainment Weekly

Target x Neiman Marcus = Having my full undivided attention! ~ Yahoo

I don’t even need a Tory Burch lunch bag OR thermos but guess what I’m getting when December 1st rolls around!!  Unhuh yep!  BTW there’s a slide show for lots of items in the Yahoo link 🙂

Enjoy your coffee and breakfast!  Pour me a double shot of whatever you’re having…I’m gonna need it! 😉

Morning Linkage: Cup 14

Good morning stylish sweets!

I’ve been slacking on the Morning Links lately…simply because of this fact: I’ve been sleeping in LOL!

Without any delay…here is your, Morning Linkage for your morning coffee!


Oh Karl! Mr. Lagerfeld says, “Models aren’t that skinny.” ~ ABC News

Felix Baumgartner jumped from outerspace! ~ Discovery

Reggie Bush is having a baby w/ his girlfriend who reminds me of Kim Kardashian ~ People

The weeks best dressed curves! ~ Huffpost

Britney Spears is worth how much?! ~ TMZ

(Remember: if you have something to share for linkage…let me know!)

Enjoy your Monday even though that’s quite an oxymoron! 🙂

Morning Linkage: Cup 13

If you haven’t heard the news by now, it’s time to leave that dark spot under your rock.  Seriously, we’ve known for quite some time now that T H I S was going to be HUGE this fall!  So, with that said…here’s your morning linkage!

Olsen in Oxblood

Best Burgundy Bags by PurseBlog

Trend: Burgundy Bags by PurseBlog

Zoya Nail Polish: Oxblood

Art of Beauty

Stay tuned for something WAY MORE colorful in this afternoon’s post!


Morning Linkage: Cup 12 (Breast Cancer Awareness)



I’ve been torn with whether or not I want to share a story.  It’s a personal story and it relates to this month.  An emotional time for as long as I can remember…October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Trust me, I’d love to do nothing more than share with you guys/gals but I’m not sure I can handle it emotionally…even now typing this small and short paragraph is proving to be difficult.

Here goes…

My best friend, my grandmother passed away at the age of 72 (three years ago) was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was only 8.

I did manage to get that sentence without the tears so thank you for bearing with me.

With my other blogs in the past, during October, I devoted making links and posts everyday that had at least ONE thing mentioning Breast Cancer Awareness.  As the month continues on, I will try my best to keep up the positive vibes.

With that said, um, written, wait, typed….ready for your morning linkage?

Going Pink For October?! ~ Go Pink

Learn more about October & Breast Cancer Awareness! ~ NBCAM

Komen For The Cure! ~ Komen

Curvy Cure Tee’s! ~ Shop Curvy Komen

If you’re in Michigan and want to participate in a trek/walk/run/ride in Grandville…sign up before October 11th! ~ Trek Women

Things you can buy to go pink! (ads)

That’s it for today!

Enjoy your Monday stylish sweets and WELCOME TO OCTOBER!


Morning Linkage: Cup 11 (National Coffee Day)

Captains Log:  Today is Saturday, the 29th day of September in year 2012.  It is also known as National Coffee Day.

A sci-fi reference on a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog about curvy things…that’s gotta NOT be a first!  Maybe a first for Curves and Coffee but it also might be the last.  If I didn’t lose you and you’re still here reading after only four sentences or so…thank you LOL!

Back to the topic of warm roasted coffee beans…

National Coffee Day?  What? I’m obligated to fill my belly with medium and dark roast all the live long day!  This also means I’m tempted to drive around to every coffee place and get whatever free cup they’re offering!  Well, not really seeing as though the price of gasoline is still very close to $4.00 around these northern parts and well, mama likes to shop!

This should also be constituted as Morning Linkage since I’m going to fill you in on a lil Saturday java goodness!

16 National Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Yahoo

History & More Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Huffpost

Can you believe Starbucks isn’t having anything?! Craziness!

You might wanna head on over to Twitter and follow Dunkin…

In celebration of Nat’l Coffee Day, tweet how u take ur DD Coffee & #DunkinNCD for a chance 2 win a pound of DD Coffee
— Dunkin’ Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) September 28, 2012

In case you’re wondering, yes, yes I did get hungry and thirsty while typing up this post!  I also want more caffeine so I fought with my better judgement and drank a soda (pop as we say) Believe me, coffee will be had by all in just a few hours!

Google for all things coffee!


Enjoy your Saturday sweets!