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Tune In: Music Mix

Hey stylish sweets! Since I had some technical difficulties this week aka my power adapter cord for my laptop completely fizzled out while typing! Talk about a disaster! Luckily, I was able to give you guys a taste of the Met Gala via mobile blogging. It’s amazing how technology can fail and create all at the same damn time! Speaking of technology, Curves and Coffee will undergo an overhaul in the coming weeks. Definitely time for a fresh new look so stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated.

Anywho, time to turn up your Thursday!

Drop City Yacht Club…ok, gotta admit….I never heard this song or heard of the group until someone told me to listen to it a few weeks ago. Now I can’t get the song out of my head!!! Hey Jeremih!

Um Selena Gomez dun growed up on us, y’all!! And is she telling someone to “Come and Get It”?! Ok Ms. Gomez, do your thing!

Instant Classic. You really can’t go wrong with any song that features 50 Cent, Eminem AND Adam Levine!!!

Everyone knows I’m a very colorful and visual person so when I got wind that Iggy Azalea was making a new video with India in mind……I couldn’t wait to see the finished product! Bounce really does make you wanna bounce and do traditional Indian dances. This vid has a total Bollywood theme and I love it!

Enjoy your day and happy almost Friday!!


Tune In: Cassie

Get ready to turn your speakers UP or down depending on your personal preference. The tune this Tuesday is one for the ladies (and guys because this chick is HOT!)


Cassie is definitely all “growed” up! I keep up with her a little bit because I love her style so it’s no surprise to me but to others, there may be a “who?” moment. Remember lil Miss Cassie from MySpace? Wait, do you remember MySpace? Anywho, she has some new music and video to push along too.


Before we get into her new single…let’s check out the girls closet!


I mean, COME ON!


This just makes a fashion slave like me quiver!




That was filmed almost a year ago…could you imagine what her closet looks like now? Crazy!


Moving right along before I have a moment…


Here’s the new single


“Numb” ft. Rick Ross




Do Blondes Have More Fun? Beyoncé surely thinks so!

Well, do they?


I was blonde once well twice if you count highlights. Can’t be entirely sure but it’s a pretty close race between being a blonde and being a brunette. I will say this, when you’re blonde, you feel invincible like you can do anything. I had zero regrets about going lighter so in my everyday life I felt powerful because I did something that not too many people were doing around me. Now that I’m back to black or dark brown…I still feel fearless except I also feel like I blend into the crowd. Whether dark or light, I had fun and made the best out of every situation.


So, where am I going with this, you ask?




The best way to do this is to just show you. So here you go!



Beautiful, curvy and golden-hued flowing waves and all…


Splash News

Splash News


Beyonce Knowles-Carter performing on her “Mrs. Carter Show” Tour overseas.


Yes, those are in fact nipples but they are NOT Mrs. Carter’s! The designer of this perky yet sparkly ensemble is none other than bodysuit extraordinaires The Blonds




But WAIT! There’s more!

Thes nude-nipply number is also designed by The Blonds

I’m not sure what is actually going on here but hey boobies and nipples get the people talking, right Bey?!

The Blonds have designed stage wear for several amazing and curvy entertainers like, JLo (sorry, Jennifer Lopez, you’ll always be JLo to me), Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Britney Spears just to name a few. So they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to sexy and dangerous curves! David and Phillipe Blond are practically glitter and gold geniuses if you ask me! Anyone that can make magic happen with faux nipples is amazing!

What do YOU think?

Tune In: Solange

Hey stylish sweets!

Busy busy busy week for me…my brain is already on overload.

The one thing that helps ease my mind other than shopping is music. So today, we’re gonna listen to some tunes!

Starting Tuesday off with Solange…I can listen to her every single day!

Ok, little bit of background info…Melanie Fiona might just be my new musical hero! I’ve always loved her voice and her studio albums but what I didn’t know was…she has a YouTube channel AND she sings covers of popular songs. Here’s the kicker: Ms. Fiona also records the beat and background vocals for her covers. Listen no seriously, LISTEN!

Now, here’s the Wale version of his own song. This was posted in a music post a couple weeks ago but if you missed it or haven’t heard it…

Finish up the Tuesday tune-in with Trinidad James. Now, everyone doesn’t get into this artist but he’s cool with me. This is his newest single “Females Welcomed” I love the visuals of this vid because he’s representing his birth place of…drum roll please…. Trinidad! Enjoy!

Okie dokie stylish sweets, that’s it for now. I’ll more than likely get a few more post in today before my week gets extra extra crazy. I’m spending the week with my Mom so posts may be sporadic. You can always find me on Twitter….tweet tweet tweeting away!

Friday Fun Day

Happy Friday stylish sweets!

Nothing goes better with Friday than good times and that’s exactly the mood I’m in.

Here’s my Friday Fun day music playlist…


Lights Out: Superbowl Halftime Show

Turn the lights out.
The show is over people.
By now everyone has seen the Pepsi Halftime Show featuring Beyoncé. If you haven’t, I’ve got you covered with a glimpse of what we were privy to. Guess who was right…that’s right! It’s me, it’s me! I called it yesterday. Beyoncé would have a couple surprise guests on stage with her during the Pepsi Halftime Show. I guessed right! After performing several of her own hits, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé on stage for a Destiny’s Child reunion!
Twitter went absolutely nuts as the show time approached! Good thing the good people at Twitter have new servers now…remember the “fail whale” of Twitters’ past?! The site and api would shutdown any time something major happened and tweets rushed in. The buzz was definitely, entirely and utterly about Queen Bey. Practically every trending topic during and following her performance, had something to do with Beyoncé. My timeline exploded with excitement and lots of impatient fans ready to the get the show started.
As the show began, we were electrified with this incredible light show that embodied the side profile of Beyoncé. This is also the stage. I need to get the architects contact information so I can get something like this built in my closet! All jokes aside, it looks amazing!
Dressed in leather and lace designed by Rubin Singer, Beyoncé performed hit after hit. Including “Halo,” “Love on Top,” “Baby Boy,” and “Single Ladies.”
Rubin Singer also designed the outfits for Destiny’s Child members as well as the other background performers. Talk about a designer task!
These ladies looked absolutely FLAWLESS!
Maybe a little leather and lace will be good for our 2013 wardrobe…hmmm.
Once, the mini reunion wrapped, our blonde bombshell finished her performance with “Halo.” It goes without saying she shut the SuperDome d-o-w-n! Lights out. Literally. After Beyoncé performed her 12 minute set, the super bowl was set to resume, except there weren’t any lights on one side of the field. The light mishap wasn’t the fault of Bey but many on Twitter and Facebook ended with that assumption. She absolutely outdid herself and I’m contemplating getting tickets to her upcoming tour entitled “The Mrs. Carter Show” nonetheless!
(all photos above courtesy of Getty Images)

Beyonce + Football = Pepsi Half-Time Show

Half-time at any sporting event usually means it’s time to have a break.You get up, get some snacks, grab a full meal or even walk around the stadium to stretch your legs. That’s just when you’re watching any game during the regular season but we’re not talking about the regular season today. We’re talking about half-time at the SUPER BOWL! The last game of the year. The game that everyone who’s anyone shows up to or watches. The game where the winner takes all and has bragging rights forever. This means only the best entertainment will do during half-time. For Super Bowl XLVII the Pepsi Halftime Show will feature none other than the once single lady,  Beyoncé!

Are you ready for some Beyoncé?
I think everyone is ready for this Pepsi halftime show! I’m anxious to see who Queen Bey pulls onto the stage to perform with her. Thinking there may be more than one surprise performer stepping into the stage lights. Perhaps THREE even! Yes, three! This feels like it would be the perfect time for a Destiny’s Child reunion don’t-cha think?! 2013 definitely needs some more girl power! Maybe a mash-up of chart toppers from the trio would be just what the music Gods ordered. Or, will we see what fans always love to see… Beyoncé pulling her amazing and talented rapper husband Jay-Z onstage! I personally vote for all of the above! Practice makes perfect for a secret big time production such as this.
Beyoncé is definitely practicing up a storm!

This will be a BIG production!

We will soon know what songs will be coming through that microphone!

This we know for sure, we will be entertained no matter what! The pics from rehearsals (taken for Beyoncé’s  personal Tumblr page) above, show a performance ensemble of dancers, bands and singers so the show is sure please our senses. Countdown to kick-off has begun and there are only a few hours left to go. We won’t have to wait much longer for the big game or the big Pepsi Halftime Show.
Bey looks ready!
Are you?

Music Monday: Watch The Duck

Hey there stylish sweets!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  My days were spent relaxing and watching football and visiting family aka what I do every weekend.  Figured we could start this week off with a little bit of music.  Sounds good, right?! Right!