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Who’s Turning Down Free Coffee?

Most certainly not me! National Coffee Day is right around the corner…literally! Sunday, September 29th is the day you might wanna go out into the wild and grab a free cup of Joe. Several retailers will be participating in this holiday by offering free java or a BOGO (buy one get one) type of deal during the weekend.


Here’s the rundown on stores that have a free jolt:








Download their app and present it to get your free cup. They’ll also have discounts on their take home brews.





Offering one free cup on 9/29 ONLY!





If you remember last year, Starbucks didn’t do anything for National Coffee Day and received TONS of backlash! This year, they’re offering a sample of the new Ethiopian Blend





Free java on Sunday, Sept. 29th






Be a social butterfly by telling your barista “Happy National Coffee Day” for your cup of joe!






The donut company has taken the holiday one step further…several lucky patrons will win FREE COFFEE for a YEAR! <~~~ click to enter!








If any other coffee lovers find more deals, feel free to share those freebies below! Enjoy your National Coffee Day!



Summer Treats: Sweet Edition

Welcome to August stylish sweets!

 There’s a problem we’re not discussing. That problem is my lack of self-control around sugary sweet treats! It’s like a never ending sweet tooth! Lately, I’ve been trying wholeheartedly to cut back my sugar intake and reach for healthier choices. With that said, I’m trying to get my hands to reach for more FRUIT!

Summer months tend to lend themselves to the tastiest fruits and it’s always during the summer, we’re looking for quick and easy snacks. Before going into the kitchen or even before going to the fruit market, be sure to check out this Fruits By The SeasonThis list will help you understand which fruits are currently in season and when to buy them. Now, let’s jump into a few quick, easy, sweet, and of course tasty treats!

Photos credited to Getty Images
Getty Images

Strawberry Shortcake ~  The following recipe is from The Food Network Kitchens (Yes, I’ve made this and it’s very very easy!)

Personal Quick Tips: I substitute sugar on the berries & cream with honey. Just because it makes it easier to dissolve when you’re not using a heavy duty mixer. Also, any Brandy will do for tossing the strawberries, you only need two tablespoons so unless you plan on getting tipsy later…buying a bottle bigger than a shot isn’t necessary.

Fruit Parfait ~ Another easy sweet treat that’s perfect for the hot summer months. You can use any fruits you like…fresh or pureed (I prefer pureed.) Simply, make sweet cream yourself by using heavy cream and sugar with a mixer or go the even easier route and use Cool Whip! The crunch in this dessert comes from granola.


Getty Images

Personal Tip: Use vanilla ice cream for your “creamy” layers if you’re really looking for a cool down. Also, toss the granola in honey if you want to skip the cream all together for a sweet treat.

Fruit Kabobs ~ What’s easier than fruit on a stick? I’m thinking, nothing! There’s no cooking or real prep work! Purchase wooden kabob sticks from a craft store like Michaels or even grab them from the market. Get your favorite fruits and place them on the skewers in any way you like.

Bonus Tip: If you’re outside or doing some grilling…throw the fruit kabobs on the grill! Just make sure you’re using “heat” friendly skewers not plastic ones. The warm fruit seriously melts in your mouth!

Getty Images

Homemade Fruit Popsicles ~ I’ve been making these since I was kid, definitely nowhere near the level in which these are but very yummy nonetheless! As a kid, I’d take my mother’s ice trays and fill them with juice and freeze them! Genius! Now we have these exotic fruit popsicles and I’m not in the least bit mad about it! Real Simple has a great article featuring the 6 Recipes for Homemade Popsicles to try.

Now, I’ve gotta run to grab everything you see here! I’ll be sure to post pics of everything I make!

Enjoy your sweet (healthy), summer treats!

Dasani #Flavorfy Your Day!

I have to mention that this is a sponsored post, courtesy of the Lucky Mag Community and Dasani Drops!


Now head over and VOTE VOTE VOTE!




The challenge: Show Your Summer Color!


Challenge: Accepted!


I’m a tad late to the party but here to have fun nonetheless! During a day trip to Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park, I managed to squeeze in a little relief by dreaming of the tasty Dasani Drops! Trying to stay cool under the summer sun was a task but that dream kept me going! I chose two of my favorite flavors for inspiration…see for yourself!


These just happen to be two of my favorite colors too!

Thank you pure Michigan for these gorgeous views of the Huron River!


Mmm! Coffee!

It’s not even 5 pm on this Thursday and I’m already thinking of sleep. Either I’m getting old or I need to adjust my sleep dial to the “snooze more” area.  Let’s go with the latter pretty please.  As I wander around the streets of the wonderful world of…hmm…well…I was just tweeting on Twitter.  Tweets about how I’d like a nap.  Suddenly, I realized, since I worked from home today, there was no time to stop by Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts or anything morning coffee seller!  That’s what my body was missing!!

Holy #*$)#!!  How is it after 4 pm and my veins aren’t pumped with dark roast?  At this point, you guys should be truly appalled by this lack of commitment.  You should be mad I didn’t wake up early on a day my body didn’t need to move just for coffee!  Caffeine, yeah, had that…Mountain Dew has been my drug of choice this Thursday but no coffee.

Know what I need….yep, you guessed it!  An at-home, out of this world coffee making machine-ma-thingy-jiggit!  Guess who makes one now…yep Starbucks!!

Coffee + Starbucks + At Home = Best Idea Ever!
ORSomething you could do without…you make the call.

Yes, I’d like a Keurig (which I still do believe me) but I wouldn’t mind this either!  It’s $199 which is about the same price as the Keurig model I want sitting on my kitchen counter. This model may be a lot sleeker and stylish. The reviews are fairly decent from coffee lovers i.e. the only opinion I trust when it comes to heavy brewing machinery.  Most say the brew is delicious and that’s all that really matters after-all.

What say you?
Would you make the purchase?

National Coffee Day Cocktails

Hide the under 21 kiddos!!!

Coffee and liquor…in the same glass?  Yes, please!

Sure would be nice to have something with a nice spicy and sweet kick.  Perhaps something that has, oh, I don’t know, a special ingredient.  Could that special ingredient be coffee?  Yes!  I did a little bit of digging and found some tasty things for you to try on National Coffee Day!

I instantly thought to myself… “self, you should have a taste-testing night full of cocktails again.”  I didn’t answer myself because that would just be silly but I did agree with that thought LOL! The thought process was simple: exhaustion, sweet tooth & a little stress equaled me searching for delicious yet coffee centered cocktails!

This is a delicious list of coffee cocktails I’ll be trying this weekend and next week and probably the week after that (not all at once of course…make, mix, sip and pass around LOL)

So if you’re like me, (which I’m sure you are because you wouldn’t be here salivating over these delectable beverages)  you’re gonna want to try these!

Few Google links for glasses!
Happy National Coffee Day!

Morning Linkage: Cup 11 (National Coffee Day)

Captains Log:  Today is Saturday, the 29th day of September in year 2012.  It is also known as National Coffee Day.

A sci-fi reference on a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog about curvy things…that’s gotta NOT be a first!  Maybe a first for Curves and Coffee but it also might be the last.  If I didn’t lose you and you’re still here reading after only four sentences or so…thank you LOL!

Back to the topic of warm roasted coffee beans…

National Coffee Day?  What? I’m obligated to fill my belly with medium and dark roast all the live long day!  This also means I’m tempted to drive around to every coffee place and get whatever free cup they’re offering!  Well, not really seeing as though the price of gasoline is still very close to $4.00 around these northern parts and well, mama likes to shop!

This should also be constituted as Morning Linkage since I’m going to fill you in on a lil Saturday java goodness!

16 National Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Yahoo

History & More Coffee Day Freebies! ~ Huffpost

Can you believe Starbucks isn’t having anything?! Craziness!

You might wanna head on over to Twitter and follow Dunkin…

In celebration of Nat’l Coffee Day, tweet how u take ur DD Coffee & #DunkinNCD for a chance 2 win a pound of DD Coffee dun.kn/SETr4c
— Dunkin’ Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) September 28, 2012

In case you’re wondering, yes, yes I did get hungry and thirsty while typing up this post!  I also want more caffeine so I fought with my better judgement and drank a soda (pop as we say) Believe me, coffee will be had by all in just a few hours!

Google for all things coffee!


Enjoy your Saturday sweets!


A Keurig Coffee Machine is What I Need

I need a new coffee maker.  Seriously.  Black & Decker just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Know what Rena wants?  A Keurig!

It quite possibly may be time for me to use my words and bat some eyelashes!  Well, that is, if I did that sort of girly maneuver, which I don’t!  I would never!

What if, for all intensive purposes, there is someone out there (I won’t mention any names) that this technique could persuade them to purchase a Keurig for me, them or perhaps us?  Could this person be reading this post?  Is it making him or her think about the deliciousness of dark roast coffee or a mug of hot cocoa filled with marshmallows? Just curious.  Maybe you want some iced tea…who knows?!  It has lots of benefits for many people lol all I want to do is be a good friend…you know me!

This is starting to sound (read) like an advertisement…..totally didn’t intend for that to happen!  Someone should write the Keurig company and tell them I’m selling the shhhh out of their coffee machine thingy!  They should just send me one….let me test it or umm I don’t know,  have it forever!

Tis not a lot to wish for.