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Stepping Into Spring with Stylish Shoes

It’s been a while since I’ve went shoe shopping…by a while I mean a couple months. So yes, this is what I’d call a “drought” and I am upset about it! The best thing to do in this scenario: look at the new arrivals from the spring and summer lines that are going up on store shelves. Plus this will give me (and you) a pretty good idea of what we need covering our toesies in the coming weeks.


I’m a true girly girl with a sports edge so my shoe collection ranges from extreme heels to low skateboard type sneakers. Try to stay versatile with your shoe game because you never know when a certain pair will come in handy. If you want to try something new and different from your normal shoe-style, stick with the least expensive stores and brands. It’s not really a good idea to spend $250 on 2-inch hidden platform, 5-inch heels if you’ve never worn a pair before.


So, here’s where the fun part comes in! As I do with all shopping posts, there will be a dreamy high price shoe and “the look for less” shoe! Let’s get shoe shopping…

Stepping Into Spring

Stepping Into Spring by curvesandcoffee featuring strappy sandals


(arranged by rows)


1. India Wedge ~ Coach    ——   Queen T-Strap ~ Brash/Payless


2.  Miles Floral Print ~ Tory Burch    ——    Keds ~ Kate Spade


3. McQ Abstract Floral ~ Alexander McQueen      ——   Delphine Flat ~ Coach

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1

Stepping Into Spring ~ 1 by curvesandcoffee featuring high heels wedges


(arranged by rows)


1. Dabney Wedges ~ Kate Spade     ——     Color Garden ~ Naughty Monkey


2. Serrano ~ Carlos Santana    ——  Konstellation Strappy Wedge ~ Brash/Payless


Stepping Into Spring ~ 2

Stepping Into Spring ~ 2 by curvesandcoffee featuring peep toe pumps


(Arranged by rows)


1. Licorice Heel ~ Kate Spade    ——    Kit Bow Pump ~ Payless


2. Larimore Cherry Blossom ~ Alice + Olivia    ——   Floral Pump ~ Diba Ryder


3. BB Floral Silk Print ~ Manolo Blahnik     ——    Arbour Pump ~ Carvel Kurt Geiger





Well, that was fun! It was like window shopping without all the extra walking! Hope you saw something that will fit your spring closet and wardrobe. Remember to mix it up a little!

Happy Shopping!


xo Rena

Plus Size Trend Alert: Florals & Stripes

What’s trending in the world of fashion these days? Fashion is a fickle fickle world and what’s popular today may not be popular next month. No worries my curvy sweets, if it’s in style…you can wear it! Fashion trends are all about confidence. Don’t be scurred to wear a bright color or a horizontal stripe, be ready to be bold! We have these curves to be different…say it loud…I’m curvy and I’m proud!


(Reminder: clicking the collages take you to Polyvore, then see where to buy each item!)


Spring Florals


Spring Florals by curvesandcoffee featuring red valentino







Spring Stripes


Spring Stripes by curvesandcoffee featuring a bodycon dress

While it may not feel like spring OR summer just yet, I stuck with styles that can be worn today with added warm coverage if you need it. Stay tuned for more style trends that are ready to be worn!

New Years Eve 2013

Welcome to the weekend stylish sweets!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday or whatever your beliefs may allow you to celebrate.  My day was perfectly spent in Snoopy pajamas with my family!  My mother loved her gifts from our favorite store (Coach) and she surprised me with Coach goodies and a new Canon Powershot camera *insert me doing the running man*!  I desperately needed a new camera and cannot wait to use it and show you guys the pics (once I get a memory card) minor details for a photoshoot.  There’s a perfect photo op coming up soon! New Years Eve!

10…9…8…7…6…wait, what am I going to wear?!

I swear I’m not a procrastinator! OK, maybe I I I put things off, sometimes.  Not all of the time but just some of the time. Yea, let’s go with that.

Three days before New Years Eve and I don’t have anything to wear!  Totally reminds me of NYE two years ago when friends and I vacationed in Georgia. Took me two weeks to find an all black outfit for an “All Black NYE Bash”.  What are the odds that I’d struggle to find something black?!  I found the shoes first that year and that’s probably where I went wrong.  Starting from the bottom is always going to be a task.  Funny thing, I did the same thing this year…whomp whomp.  When you see that perfect pair of shoes, you just HAVE to buy them, HAVE to! It’s Shopping 101!

Here are the shoes I have picked to step into the new year.  First tweeted by Nordstrom then purchased by me (after an exhausting web search of course!) They are none other than Nine West and if you go to their site instead of Nords…..they’re ONLY $69 instead of $149. Shhh, don’t tell Nordstrom that. Oh hello new sparkly shoes!

Hooked on shoes. twitpic.com/bpz9iu bit.ly/RkDIXu
— Nordstrom (@Nordstrom) December 28, 2012

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Purchase them here ~~~> Sparkle On My Sweets

Available in tons of other colors too!  I just ordered them…fingers crossed they’re here in time! If not…my plan today will be calling EVERY store within a 50 mile radius and have them put on hold!

Now, time to figure out what’s going to go WITH these shoes. Since I spent $$$ on shoes, I’m more than likely gonna grab things that are already in my possession. Soooo…all the items below are as close as possible to what I have in my closet give or take a couple items. The item choices that I don’t own, come from stores online that can be easily bought with a quick trip to the mall so no worries on my short time limit.

NYE 2013 Blog: Curves and Coffee

What do you think?  I’m simply going to dinner and dancing…nothing fancy. Well, that is, if these shoes arrive or I’ll be sitting at home watching the ball drop.  Which isn’t a bad idea now that I think about it!  I can sit in my pajamas with these heels on and sip bubbly without freezing!! Also, won’t have hurting toesies at the end of the night.


Winter Boots to Combat the Snowy Forecast

So, we’ve found winter coats, winters bright lights and a few gift ideas…what could be next?!
That’s easy!
Of course I have to show you guys boots for the chilly season.  I am a sucker for a cute pair of boots.  Seriously…ankle boots, booties, wedge boots, heel boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, rain boots, snow boots, and boots boots!  Ok, that may have been a little bit more of Bubba from Forrest Gump than I planned to include.  Gets straight the point for my love of boots.
Crazy things tend to happen in the north and on the east coast so we’re going to need something warm and cozy on our toesies
I picked an online shoe store…Zappos to be exact to showcase the snow boots.  They have great customer service and ship EVERYWHERE plus free returns.  Can’t pass that up!
1. The North Face – Shellista – $150
2. Hi-Tec Sierra – Pamir – $220
3. UGG – Brynn – $160
4. UGG – Adirondack – $325
5. Hunter – Original Gloss Snow Boot – $225
6. Sorel – Cate The Great – $160
7. Khombu – Shelby – $72
These boots are sure to keep your toes warm and socks dry all throughout the winter months. Definitely worth the triple digit price tag  for the durability alone.  I’ve never been a person who really liked chunky or clunky heavy boots…just reminds me of being a kid and wearing all those clothes just to go play in the snow!  I do, however, love the boots that are stylish, light and still manage to keep your feet safe from the winter elements. The boots above, have all those qualities!  I like every pair up there but if I have to be picky… I’d probably go with the UGG (number 3) or the Sorel (number 6)…can’t go wrong with any one of those!
Stay warm my stylish sweets and as always…. Happy Shopping!!

Oooooh la la! Oui Oui!

Last night, after my Dallas Cowboys won, I may have spent entirely too much time in Monsieur Louboutins’ world on Christian Louboutin dot com!  You’ll see how that managed to happen once you click that link haha!
A few….umm several of my faves!
I have a Paypal account…….just in case someone wants to get me an early Christmas gift. LOL! All jokes aside…my big fall “gift to myself” purchase is getting to be a pretty tough decision!