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New York, London, Milan, Paris

Moncler Grenoble – New York Fashion Week Fall 2015

I love sports.

Outdoor sports…eh…not so much.

If I ever decide to get into sledding or, I don’t know, bow hunting…Moncler Grenoble will be my first choice for gear. Fashionably, over-the-top, super suitable…gear. OH and just in case you want to get married on the slopes, Moncler has you covered for that too!

Click the thumbnails below to see my faves from the Moncler Grenoble ready-to-wear collection from New York Fashion Week 2015.


(photos via Moncler Grenoble)

Ready To Wear – London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015

London Fashion Week sneaks up on me every season! I’m usually putting the finishing touches on my fashion faves from the Big Apple and BOOM; it’s already day three in London! Don’t know how the fashion world does it but they do a damn good job at it! London brings the high society out for a play date to show off their new frocks on the runway.

As with New York Fashion Week, continue to keep an eye on this post for your updated links to my faves.