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Out and About and An Outfit

Happy Friday stylish sweets!


Hopefully everyone had a great week, if not, the weekend is finally here! Cheers to that!


Last weekend, I was tagging along with a friend while she went shopping. Yes, I Rena Fraz did NOT go shopping last week. Believe it people! While she was trying on shoes and driving, I was randomly taking pics in the mirror or with my feet up on the passenger side with my phone. What else was a chick going to do?! Of course, as forgetful as I am…totally forgot to post the pics on Instagram or Facebook.


In turn, we have this “Outfit of the day” post…enjoy!




Shirt: Lane Bryant ~ Burnout Cold Shoulder (sold out) ~ $40

Jeans: Lane Bryant  ~ Zippered Ankle Skinny Jeans (sold out in Cabaret/pink) ~ $59

Sandals: Ralph Lauren ~ (bought them almost 4 years ago at the RL outlet!) ~ $150

These are very close to the pair I have which are $249 at DSW

Ralph Lauren Collection ~ Viella Leather Flat Sandal

Bag: Coach ~ (also about 3 years old) ~ $498

As this post is coming together, you’re probably wondering, why I chose brown leather accessories….good question LOL! The real answer: you know those days, ladies, when you don’t feel like switching bags? Yea, this was definitely one of those days. Transferring everything to a white bag or summer bag would’ve been way too much that day so I stuck it out with brown. Not too bad.

One thing is definitely certain…my phone takes horrid pictures! I really need to start carrying my camera with me wherever I go. Been dreading that but it must be done!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Curvy Beauty: Mariesther Venegas





This week featured curvy goddess is Mariesther Venegas  who appeared in a media campaign by plus size clothing site NavabiNavabi filmed this short during Berlin Fashion Week in 2012 titled “FINALLY navabi” to shine a spotlight on designer clothing for us curve loving fashionistas! “Finally – designer fashion beyond a size 14” is the tag line and guess what…I’m loving it! Check out the campaign in the featured YouTube video!










Just because I may have fell in love with Ms. Mariesther…..here’s a couple more pics!

(photos credited to mariesthervenegas.com)




(I need those shoes btw…they remind me of a Rachel Zoe pair that sold out at Saks…must find!)


Curves…gotta freakin’ love’em!!