Herbal Essences Wants To #BanBoringBodyWash

That’s right! Just say NO to boring body wash!
That’s the new thing and it’s what’s new at Herbal Essences! It’s definitely not a boring body wash that’s for sure! The fine people over at Herbal Essences have a new body wash and it smells sooooo good!
Usually known for their fun and fruity hair products like “None of Your Frizzness” which is infused with mandarin crème and pearl. It fights frizzy hair and flyaways (clearly one of my faves.) Their body wash won’t disappoint either!
Starting with three absolutely intoxicating scents: Body Burst, Happy Go Lather, and Hello Hydration 
They want us all to get hooked and so far, I’m almost there!
I had the pleasure of getting a “perk” from Klout (because I clearly tweet way too much lol) and Herbal Essences provided me with TWO travel sized versions of the new body wash in Body Burst and Hello Hydration. There was also a bonus Walmart gift card in the box, helloooo mini shopping spree!
I was definitely skeptical because my skin is more sensitive than a newborns bottom so I’ve gotta be extra careful when trying new products on my bod. Figuring that I’ve used their shampoos and conditioners sans any problems, I went for it! After using the Hello Hydration and Body Burst body wash wash about two to three times a week for a full month, definitely no breakouts or post-shower regret. The fragrance left my skin surprisingly sweet smelling throughout the mornings. It wasn’t a strong smell but a soft subtle scent…I found myself sniffing my wrists and arms at random moments. Maybe it should come with a disclaimer: “Warning, may cause random body part sniffing!”
Overall, I say go for it beauty buddies!
Disclosure:  I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.