MFW: Versace

Milan Fashion Week





Once in awhile there comes a collection that has everything I’ve ever wanted and needed. Sometimes it happens several times during the fashion season but other times, it happens once. I think Versace is the one. So, unless you’re a new visiting stylish sweet, you know what happens when I love everything…….






That’s right see it here (thanks to FashionTV on youtube)

Full video coverage

Versace Spring/Summer 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

Straight from Milan Fashion Week







And now……my ULTIMATE Versace faves!!



If there’s ONE thing I want to own RIGHT NOW, it’s this leather jacket!

The Details: OH EM GEE!

If there’s one thing I want to own

Does anyone have a direct line to Donatella Versace? I need her to make a special order for a stylish chick with curves! A body chain that can fit over real big boobs, pants that fit a booty, and a belt that compliments these curves. I’d ask for shoes but that might be a bit much…plus, I’m an average size 8 sooo…good to go in the shoe department!

Love Everything!

Want It All!

Can I Have It?


I know, I know…I say that a lot but this is fashion season and I’m bound to love everything something!


In the words of our great philosopher, Aubrey Graham aka Drake (who has a new album coming out September 24th…)