Vionnet – Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

With each post about fashion and certain designers that are unknown to me, I do a bit of research before I hit the publish button. As this blog grows, I’m learning more and more about tons of things from fashion to food. When it’s news to me, it becomes news to you! Sharing is caring stylish sweets! So, that brings us here to Vionnet. Thee Madame Madeleine Vionnet was the originator of the “bias cut” yes, that’s right, created in 1912 according to the Vionnet website. How amazing is that?! Let’s take a looksie at the updated version of the bias and the Vionnet fall/winter collection from Paris.




(photos credit Getty Images)


The collection was incredible and the show was even better! Here’s the full video of the models walking the runway after an elaborate light show!