Beyonce + Football = Pepsi Half-Time Show

Half-time at any sporting event usually means it’s time to have a break.You get up, get some snacks, grab a full meal or even walk around the stadium to stretch your legs. That’s just when you’re watching any game during the regular season but we’re not talking about the regular season today. We’re talking about half-time at the SUPER BOWL! The last game of the year. The game that everyone who’s anyone shows up to or watches. The game where the winner takes all and has bragging rights forever. This means only the best entertainment will do during half-time. For Super Bowl XLVII the Pepsi Halftime Show will feature none other than the once single lady,  Beyoncé!

Are you ready for some Beyoncé?
I think everyone is ready for this Pepsi halftime show! I’m anxious to see who Queen Bey pulls onto the stage to perform with her. Thinking there may be more than one surprise performer stepping into the stage lights. Perhaps THREE even! Yes, three! This feels like it would be the perfect time for a Destiny’s Child reunion don’t-cha think?! 2013 definitely needs some more girl power! Maybe a mash-up of chart toppers from the trio would be just what the music Gods ordered. Or, will we see what fans always love to see… Beyoncé pulling her amazing and talented rapper husband Jay-Z onstage! I personally vote for all of the above! Practice makes perfect for a secret big time production such as this.
Beyoncé is definitely practicing up a storm!

This will be a BIG production!

We will soon know what songs will be coming through that microphone!

This we know for sure, we will be entertained no matter what! The pics from rehearsals (taken for Beyoncé’s  personal Tumblr page) above, show a performance ensemble of dancers, bands and singers so the show is sure please our senses. Countdown to kick-off has begun and there are only a few hours left to go. We won’t have to wait much longer for the big game or the big Pepsi Halftime Show.
Bey looks ready!
Are you?

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