Lights Out: Superbowl Halftime Show

Turn the lights out.
The show is over people.
By now everyone has seen the Pepsi Halftime Show featuring Beyoncé. If you haven’t, I’ve got you covered with a glimpse of what we were privy to. Guess who was right…that’s right! It’s me, it’s me! I called it yesterday. Beyoncé would have a couple surprise guests on stage with her during the Pepsi Halftime Show. I guessed right! After performing several of her own hits, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Beyoncé on stage for a Destiny’s Child reunion!
Twitter went absolutely nuts as the show time approached! Good thing the good people at Twitter have new servers now…remember the “fail whale” of Twitters’ past?! The site and api would shutdown any time something major happened and tweets rushed in. The buzz was definitely, entirely and utterly about Queen Bey. Practically every trending topic during and following her performance, had something to do with Beyoncé. My timeline exploded with excitement and lots of impatient fans ready to the get the show started.
As the show began, we were electrified with this incredible light show that embodied the side profile of Beyoncé. This is also the stage. I need to get the architects contact information so I can get something like this built in my closet! All jokes aside, it looks amazing!
Dressed in leather and lace designed by Rubin Singer, Beyoncé performed hit after hit. Including “Halo,” “Love on Top,” “Baby Boy,” and “Single Ladies.”
Rubin Singer also designed the outfits for Destiny’s Child members as well as the other background performers. Talk about a designer task!
These ladies looked absolutely FLAWLESS!
Maybe a little leather and lace will be good for our 2013 wardrobe…hmmm.
Once, the mini reunion wrapped, our blonde bombshell finished her performance with “Halo.” It goes without saying she shut the SuperDome d-o-w-n! Lights out. Literally. After Beyoncé performed her 12 minute set, the super bowl was set to resume, except there weren’t any lights on one side of the field. The light mishap wasn’t the fault of Bey but many on Twitter and Facebook ended with that assumption. She absolutely outdid herself and I’m contemplating getting tickets to her upcoming tour entitled “The Mrs. Carter Show” nonetheless!
(all photos above courtesy of Getty Images)

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