Morning Linkage: Cup 25

First “Morning Linkage” of the new year and I chose Saturday, January 5, 2013 to do it!  There’s really no method to my madness, I’m just living, breathing and shopping people…don’t mind me. Did anyone make a “New Year, New Me Resolution”?  I did, well kind of, I promised myself I’d drink more H2O. My body will definitely thank me.

Would you freak out if I said “Can you believe the first week in January is already over?” HA! I promise I won’t get too annoying today but seriously…it’ll be February before you know it! Then March cough cough March 4th to be exact cough my birthday cough cough.  I really want to spend this years birthday in Vegas so if you know of any great places to sleep/eat/party/gamble…email me or find me on “The Twitta” @CurvesAndCoffee!

Moving right along…grab your cup of java and let’s get to these links, shall we?!

There was quite the fashion uproar over UGG’s (the boots) by UGG Australia last week: Are UGG’s Really Out of Style?! ~ Huffington Post Style

Because I love sports and there’s tons of men that visit this site:  The Sexiest NFL Cheerleader Outfits Ever! ~ Bleacher Report

Uh oh ladies, you may want to cancel that waxing appointment: Unhealthy Beauty Trends to Avoid in 2013! ~ Huffington Post Style

Drinks? Yes, please!  Check out this yummy Southern Pimm’s Cup recipe from fellow blogger Toya’s Tales! ~ Toya’s Tales

Curves and Coffee is slowly finding goodies in the curvy blogging world and I love it! Check out this great site called Glamorsized! ~ Glamorsized

Have fun and enjoy your weekend stylish sweets!