Out of This World Mani Monday: Galaxy Nail Art

Welcome to Monday stylish sweets!

I did my nails…woohoo!

After the holiday and “The Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani” it was definitely time for a change.  I never know what exactly my nails will look like once I pull out the polish unless inspiration finds me somehow. That’s just what happened last night!

While online in search of some leggings to wear under a few shirts purchased (on sale) from Old Navy during the holiday break.  I found myself scrolling through hundreds of leggings on Only Leggings. While this was happening, I came across these……

Galaxy leggings have been popular for most of last year and doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon. I’m semi OK with that.  Semi because, I want a pair so they can’t go out of style until I get a pair and wear them. Deal? Deal. Anywho, these leggings gave me the perfect inspiration for a nail design!  Here it is!
From start to finish: Keep scrolling to see the steps!!
Step 1: Grab and use any color polish you want and some type of spongy applicator.
Step 2: Paint your nails using any color.  I chose black as my base and a fuchsia color for my ring/accent nail.
Step 3:  Use your spongy applicator. Drop polish unto the sponge until saturated.
I used disposable eye make-up applicators (cheap cheap only $2 for a set of 24 from Target)
Seriously, they are a beauty chicks best friend!
Step 4: Dab saturated spongy thingy onto DRY nails.
Step 5: Finish with a clear/iridescent glitter top coat and voila!
There’s a quick and colorful mani that will definitely stand out from the crowd!