The DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani

Remember way back when we got sweaters as gifts?  We’re talking about those hideous, ugly sweaters with balls and glitter and quite possibly needed a battery!  The 80’s and 90’s weren’t very nice to some of us if we can remember those days!

Let me refresh your memory just in case you forgot…

Thankfully and not so thankfully we don’t have to endure those days anymore. Well at least not in total horror. That’s because it’s become a trend this time of year to find one of those “ugly sweaters” and throw a kick-ass party!  Invite all of your friends who are silly enough to wear one of these monstrosities and have a ball!

Katy Perry is doing it!

Thinking of these colorful and bobble filled pieces of wearable cotton, I had an idea! It’s starting to become quite the tradition around Curves and Coffee, for me to do a holiday mani. Yes, I sit around for weeks trying to come up with the perfect idea to attempt on my nails.  Seriously.  Soooo without further delay…

“Ugly Christmas Sweater Mani”
The Outcome
I used all polish by Julep!  I wanted the one “Ugly Sweater” nail to stand out so I painted the rest of the nails in gold then used a matte top coat so all you see is the sparkly goodness is Christmas!
Happy Holidays
Stylish Sweets
Rena xo