Winter Boots to Combat the Snowy Forecast

So, we’ve found winter coats, winters bright lights and a few gift ideas…what could be next?!
That’s easy!
Of course I have to show you guys boots for the chilly season.  I am a sucker for a cute pair of boots.  Seriously…ankle boots, booties, wedge boots, heel boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, rain boots, snow boots, and boots boots!  Ok, that may have been a little bit more of Bubba from Forrest Gump than I planned to include.  Gets straight the point for my love of boots.
Crazy things tend to happen in the north and on the east coast so we’re going to need something warm and cozy on our toesies
I picked an online shoe store…Zappos to be exact to showcase the snow boots.  They have great customer service and ship EVERYWHERE plus free returns.  Can’t pass that up!
1. The North Face – Shellista – $150
2. Hi-Tec Sierra – Pamir – $220
3. UGG – Brynn – $160
4. UGG – Adirondack – $325
5. Hunter – Original Gloss Snow Boot – $225
6. Sorel – Cate The Great – $160
7. Khombu – Shelby – $72
These boots are sure to keep your toes warm and socks dry all throughout the winter months. Definitely worth the triple digit price tag  for the durability alone.  I’ve never been a person who really liked chunky or clunky heavy boots…just reminds me of being a kid and wearing all those clothes just to go play in the snow!  I do, however, love the boots that are stylish, light and still manage to keep your feet safe from the winter elements. The boots above, have all those qualities!  I like every pair up there but if I have to be picky… I’d probably go with the UGG (number 3) or the Sorel (number 6)…can’t go wrong with any one of those!
Stay warm my stylish sweets and as always…. Happy Shopping!!