Gift Giving at Any Budget

(insert some cute kids singing Jingle Bells all decked out in their holiday best)

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Who am I kidding?
Of course you have, you guys are professionals!

In case you’re a last minute shopper or just waiting to get some free time (and extra money) I’ve put together a guide to gift giving at any budget. Sounds cool, right?!  Well, I did tons of research…including Twitter polls asking everyone what they’d enjoy getting as a gift.  That spawned plenty of inappropriate adult answers LOL but I did manage to shuffle through those and come up with this:  guys like gadgets, games and anything. Ladies tend to like things they can wear.  I pretty much agree with those results, being a lady and all.

Let’s get started, shall we….

 For The Saver:  ($100 & under)
Perfect stocking stuffers from Bath & Body Works
Kmart Fashion & Comfy PJ’s


Available at Nordstrom
For The Spender ($100 & up):
This mini gift guide may come in handy for those of you out there still looking or just starting to look for the perfect gift.  Me, personally, kind of easy to shop for…just remember these things, shoes size 8, ring size 7, white or yellow gold, puppies, pink, and leather.  That’s Rena (me) in a nutshell! See, not too crazy and easy to shop for! *I do have a Paypal account* *cough cough*