There Will Be Blood! Spooky Bloody Halloween DIY Nail Art

Yes! Blood!

Well…pretend blood…on my nails.
Happy Almost Halloween!
It’s Mani Monday!
I spent the weekend trying to figure out what type of Halloween nail art I could come up with that wasn’t too hard.  See, I love DIY’ing my nails but sometimes I get a tad too ambitious and things get a little crazy…I think it’s the polish fumes.
So this idea popped up!  It started with…
“How about I just do black and silver and make a spider and web?”
“Naaah that’s entirely too complicated for a Saturday afternoon.”
 “Hmm, you could do something red, ooh like blood!”
“Oooh! Dripping blood like you just killed something!”
“Yes, that’s it!”
Unhuh…that was my entire thought bubble….hey, when creativity happens, we just go with the flow! 🙂
Now, moving on to the actual mani…step by step with pictures for all to see!
What I used:
Brush (this came in a set of 10 for around $6 at Sally Beauty)
Julep-Trina Turk Edition in Delauney (red)
Julep- Leslie (black sparkle)
Confetti-White Wedding
Confetti- Silver Slippers
Julep Silver Glitter
Julep Quick Dry Nail Drops
a. Start by painting nails with base color (here I used 3 coats white and 2 coats black sparkle for accent nail)
Don’t worry about clean up til you’re all done…things always get messy!
a. On the white nails: place a drop of red polish in a scattered pattern only to mid-nail.
I put a big drop so the end result would give me a 3D effect.
b. Let nails dry just a tad then take nail brush (dipped in red polish) and pull polish from the dot to the tip of the nail.
c. Paint rest of the nail tip with red.
d. Do the exact steps with the accent nail. In my case, black with silver drops.
Seal with a clear top coat…and quick dry drops.
I call these “Blood Splattered”
Think I’m all set to walk into the building with blood on my hands haha!
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Okie dokie trick-or-treaters…what are you dressing up as?