Morning Linkage: Cup 19

Welcome to Friday, stylish sweets!!

This week felt like it went by fast!  Like super fast!  I’m gauging this on the fact that I have entirely too much to do next week and it all begins in just a couple days.  Not looking forward to that at all!  This may be sort of a heads up (next week posts could be few and far between…sorry in advance) Don’t fret…trust me, I love doing this so nothing will really keep me away.

Think I’m starting to ramble…yea, definitely rambling!  Here’s your morning scoops of linkage!

Joe Simpson, yes Jessica and Ashley Simpson’s dad…he’s gay?! ~ Radar Online

Eva Longoria is, um, single…again! ~ TMZ

Donald Trump must be bored! ~ NY Daily News

Christina Aquilera was offered to be a plus-size what?! ~ Huffington Post

Taylor Swift and the Kennedy boy are splitsville! ~ ABC News

Kim Kardashian is rocking a huge rock! ~ E! Online

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!  Remember if you’d like to be included in the Morning Linkage posts, just let me know (here at or by email or on Twitter or Facebook!) I’d love to feature more blogs, personal sites of any topic.

Have fun!
xo Rena

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