Daykoor: Tux Chair

Surprise!  It’s a chair!!

You guys, it’s a “tuxedo chair” that’s gotta be better than a regular chair, right?

(Reaching, I know but you understand)

This weeks love of my life comes in a dark shade.  Way different from my usual chair obsession like here and here and here.

Still worthy of a glimpse.

tuxedo chair
Thank you Crate & Barrel for feeding my need to decorate an apartment I have no room in! This chair would look great in a room with dark wood floors and sleek modern accessories. Imagine a streamlined sofa in solid charcoal next to it with silver accents on the wall.  This could also work in a men’s room (office or place) I can see a dart board somewhere but a luxe one not the kind with the rubber tips!
A black coffee table would be primo!  Maybe a round glass table between the chair and the sofa (with black legs) YES!  This chair works in so many different ways!
How would you decorate?