Daykoor: Jonathan Adler

Dare I take a break from fashion week?!  I’m not even there in New York but I’m exhausted like I’ve been in heels for 80 hours and hailing taxis in the late summer heat!  The pictures that I’ve seen from NYFW…..amazeballs! Yep, I just through amazeballs into a blog post. Anywho…just thinking about all of the dramatics just made me wanna sit and be comfy right here at home.

What better way to be comfy than to stroke my need for new furniture (which I don’t really need.) My obsession with chairs has only seemed to become worse since last weeks post. Travelling through the crazy, mixed up world that is patterned furniture…I found this pretty cheeky warmer!

Templeton Chair
If you go to Jonathan Adlers’ site, you can design a custom chair to match any decor.  I can put lime green and black legs on this same chair and have it be the centerpiece of my living room!
Could you imagine the possibilites?  The simple design of this chair lends itself to be a chameleon in your home.  Bright pop of color on contrasting legs.

Same chair, different design!
Here in lies the problem, it will set you back a mean $995-$1,295.  Someone tell Mr. Adler I want to work somewhere in his company and can it come with a Templeton chair as payment?!
All in fun…. “Will work for chairs or sofas.”
Yes, there’s a sofa, headboard, bed and ottoman…a family of Templetons!
Decorate away pretties!


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