Around Town: Things to Do

It’s officially the weekend!!! After 5pm on Friday, what are you going to do?  Well, besides take a nap and do some online shopping of course!  The weather is finally feeling like Fall and it’s raining here in Michigan.  I have an elaborate weekend planned that entails washing the curly-thick-long-craziness that is my hair.  Oh, and I’ll also be outside!  As a pet lover, I enjoy helping out whenever I can.  So when I heard a local non-profit animal rescue place needed volunteers, I hopped on it!  PAWS of Michigan will be in the park aka Paws in the Park…. Fun tail-wagging times shall be had by all!


Michigan Fashion Week
September 15th
Southfield, MI

Michigan Fash Fest
September 15th

Ann Arbor, MI
Tonight (Friday-Saturday) 5pm-1am
Belle Isle Aquarium
Detroit, MI
September 15th & 16th
8am-4pm & 10am-4pm
Ann Arbor, MI

Sure there are tons of other things happening around town this weekend…just have to go looking!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!